Новая документ-камера AVerVision300AF

AVerVision300AF, which supports Auto Focus, high displaying speed (up to 24 fps), and extraordinary high resolution (3.2 Mega Pixels).

A Document Camera is a powerful, time saving presentation tool that enables a presenter to integrate non digital items, whether they are documents or 3D objects, into presentations. AVerVision Document Cameras are well known as its versatile presentation functions and reliable quality. Document Cameras is now proved to be a great helpful education tool, and it has transformed the teaching practice and is also improving the children’s attainment.

The AVerVision300AF is the second AVerMedia portable Document Camera to offer Auto Focus but still has the affordability AVermedia has been renowned for. Since the unique AVERZOOM technology and 24 high frame rate displaying mode won general applause, AVerVision300AF was designed to continue with these great features, but also combine the high sensitive Auto Focus.

Offering an incredibly clear high resolution camera the AVerVision 300AF is ideal for presenting small texts, as 8pt size, or detailed images. Also with the addition of 2x AVERZOOMTM (equivalent to optical zoom) the Document Camera is able to magnify 3.2 mega pixel images without degrading image quality and the compact design makes the AVerVision 300AF ideal for examining science experiments, showing small components of circuit boards or simply ensuring everyone is following the same section of a textbook!

One of the main advantages of a Document Camera is the ability to present tricky demonstrations before the whole classroom or meeting room. Imagine being able to use the ‘real time’ high frame function of the AVerVision300AF to show children how to do technical drawing or how to improve their handwriting! AVerVision300AF can make enrich the real-time teaching data, and will make learning become a more live-time enjoyable experience!

In addition a built-in memory capable of saving 80 JPEG images, or the ability to save unlimited images to your PC means the Visualiser can capture documents, artwork, tests or lesson plans for later viewing, or review, saving time scanning or photocopying.

“The AVerVision300AF combines Auto Focus function in our latest portable Document Camera technology,and this is definitely to be more easy-to-use and fully functional,” says Andy Hsi, Sales Director of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. “By incorporating high-resolution clarity and powerful AVERZOOMTM capabilities, the AVerVision300AF offers unbeatable quality and value in its price range.”

The AVerVision300AF is expected to be in the market by 2007 Q1, and it is covered by a standard 3-year limited parts and labor warranty with 1-year inclusion, and 1-year coverage on all accessories.