Новый дизайн!!! Панель управления AVerVision SPC300 !!!

The AVerVision SPC300 Document Camera can displaydocuments and images; collocated with any multimedia projector, monitoror TV, AVerVision SPC300 greatly enhances the visual learning fortoday’s students best respond to. Combined with the conceptfor user friendly, the powerful visualiser makes users to catch thepoints quickly by operating the clear button play. The followingdesigns on SPC300 control panel advance the higher quality and mannerin operation: 

  • Shuttle type control adjusts up to 48X total zoom, theLED lights for main hotkey like”power”and“shuttle”typecontrols. 
  • Auto Focus possesses the capability in crystal imagequality 
  • AWB (Auto White Balance) adjusts the vivid andbrightness level in camera mode 
  • Button for Image Rotation turns the image instantly by90° each time 
  • Capture function catches a still image directly andsaves in the memory source at 1024 X 768 resolutions.