New Software Application

The new application of AVerVision software is now released!! The updated features of document camera are the “TWAIN” software and the application of “Printer”. “TWAIN” allows users to insert their captured images when using document cameras which support TWAIN driver. With the application of AVerVision TWAIN Software, users can capture image by Doc Cam and quickly insert to file and document on demand. It is not only that TWAIN software provides the higher efficiency in live presentation but also enables users to save and apply textbook images, artwork and more materials at convenience. The “Printer” application enables users to print out the preview images. If users also have Smartboard Software “Notebook” then this “Printer” function can bring the preview images to the Smartboard software. With printer application of AVerVision Document Camera, it is more convenient to put in use any kinds of images for teaching and presentation.