Получен новый патент на AVerVision SPC300

AVerVision SPC300 Portable Document Camera has got a new patent in Taiwan on August 2007. This patent includes the whole design of SPC300 outward appearance, such as the setting up of mechanical arm in unfolding and folding. The idea of SPC300 Document Camera comes from providing more practicability and easy use to end users; it is a brand new design which offers user a higher level of user-friendliness and allows easy storage. The brilliant design of SPC300 blends with elegant colors which is close to users. Moreover, the smart arm positioning design for fast and easy setup offers flexible and adjustable angles with camera head rotation. How to enhance the stability of mechanical arm turns into an important purpose for AVerVision SPC300 Document Camera. AVerVision SPC300 Document Camera is based on the aim for stability and designed to include a base, two support arms, two hanging arms and a camera module. An end of hanging arms are pivoted on another end of the support arms and both hanging arms are parallel to each other for maintaining the best balance of camera head. With AVerVision SPC300 Document Camera, presentation can be provided more brignt and colorful displays instantly at convenience.