AVerMedia представляет новый визуализатор AVerVision SPB350

AVerMedia®INFORMATION, Inc. today announced the release of its new AVerVisionSPB350 visualizer. This newly designed tool proposes amazingfirst-class specifications to become an integral part of any totalclassroom presentation solution. With high-resolution image and video,coupled with practical functions, SPB350 aims at becoming a must-havein the teaching education world of tomorrow.

SPB350 is a platform visualizer with a 5” x 4”embedded light box, the illumination from the base allows display oftransparencies, slides, photo films or X-rays. This built-in light boxprovides a real versatile platform for all your presentation needs.Moreover, with its 80 images memory and SD card slot, the capturedimages can be stored, moved to other devices, easily shared andreviewed.

SPB350 offers powerful specifications, thus making your teachingexperience always clearer: The 5M pixel sensor provides premium qualityimages suited to your audience demand. Students will be astonished andcaptivated at once by teachers’ presentations anddemonstrations in class. And with a 160X total zoom, not only you willexperience incredible sharpness, but you will also have the smallestitems shown in fine detail. SPB350 will display an image quality trulynever reached before. Moreover, it also supports Full HD 1080p(1920x1080) output resolution.

For the first time, one of our visualizers proposes a 30fps whichbrings absolute real-time live video capacity without any jerkingmotions. Those three high-rated specifications (5M pixel sensor, 160XTotal Zoom, 30 fps) brought together, make our AVerVision SPB350 anincredible tool for the present and the future, for teaching andpresentation, above all for learning with more efficiency.

The new interactive AVerVision software is applied to SPB350 withredesigned annotation tools, seamless video & audio recordingwith enhanced USB transmission rate up to 20fps, Visualizer basic& advanced control panel, and more. The most significant updateis Networking feature. The ability to connect many document cameras inone campus together through the existing LAN (Local Area Network) nowprovides the access to multiple classrooms, or even the entire schoolto view and share live visualizer lessons and demonstrations.

Our SPB350 visualizer's design makes it more attractive, friendly,quick to setup and easy to use. The Shuttle Wheel and LED indicatorsthat received an outstanding welcome on CP series have been adopted forSPB350 too, for easier operation. SPB350 also features one-touch AutoImage, a brand new effortless way to get a perfect image qualityinstantly when tuning LED lamp on or off.

Last May, in Taipei, AVerVision SPB350 was garnered Taiwan ExcellenceGold Award by the Taiwan External Trade Council. AVerMedia proves hiscommitments on innovation, world-class quality, and global branding bywinning this coveted recognition.

Specificationsof AVerVisionSPB350 AVerVision SPB350:

  • 5Mpixels CMOS sensor
  • 160X total zoom(20X AVer Optical ZoomTM + 8X Digital)
  • Real time live video capacity: 30fps
  • 5”x4” embedded light box
  • Shooting area:310mm x 233mm
  • Image storage: 80 images built-in memory, SDcard slot
  • SupportFull HD 1080p (1980x1080) output resolutio
  • AVerPresenter(AVerBox and AVerVisor)
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Split Screen,Continuous Capture…
  • Interactive AVerVision software

    Pricingand Availability

    The pricing andavailability of AVerVision SPB350 Platform Visualizer will varydepending on actual locations. School officials, administrators andteachers who are interested in purchasing the AVerVisionInteractive Visualizer should contact their local authorizedAVerVision reseller.

About AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. 

AVerMediaINFORMATION, Inc.(AVI) spun off from AVerMedia Technology, Inc. in January 2008,specializing in interactive vizualizers and digital video surveillanceproducts. AVI develops and integrates various technologies creatingcutting-edge electronics, optics, and automata for products thatprovide customers with efficient and easy-to-use solutions for businessand educational presentations. Headquartered in TaipeiCounty’s Chung-Ho City, AVerMedia has a talented first-classstaff, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced facilities. AVIcurrently staffs over 650 employees worldwide with design engineersmaking up over 40% of these employees to devote attention to rapidtechnological changes and product applications. Our goal is toconsistently be the top global manufacturer of our product categoriesand establish AVerMedia as a well-known global brand.
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