AVerMedia launches AVerVision Interactive software 3.x

AVerMedia® INFORMATION, Inc. today introduced its new interactive software 3.x, a revolutionary new tool to enhance the use of AVerMedia Visualizers in classes, presentations and conferences. With the extensive features, it aids the presenter in getting attention of audiences and sharing his knowledge through local area network (LAN). The usability of the new user interface is enhanced by using more prominent and colorful icon design. All the functions are accessible with only one click. From a single panel, it is now possible to do annotation, record audio and video, capture the screen image, direct access to visualizer through an existing LAN for sharing and so on.

The most significant breakthrough is the new Networking feature. It allows connecting multiple visualizers and provides multiple classrooms or even the entire school to view and share live visualizer lessons and demonstrations through the existing LAN. With the remote network control feature, it even allows the viewer to operate Visualizers and annotate lively on the screen. This new feature upgrade makes AVerVision Visualizers now become more interactive and intuitive than ever, whether in a single classroom, or campus-wide.

The Annotation tool has been highly revamped to offer more shapes, colors and effects. These cool tool effects can enrich your presentation materials or instructional steps to elaborate with ease.
Shapes: Curve, Line, Rectangle, Circle, Text
Colors and effects: 8 colors (8 colors with transparent or semi-transparent) and 4 thicknesses of line width

Another impressive function is the powerful Continuous Capture. This function allows the capture of still images continuously during class in a preset time interval and duration. Activating this function via software upgrades the capability of Continuous Capture vs. by OSD including the time interval up to 6 hours, total capture time up to 72 hours, and higher image storage capacity depending on the free HD size. Besides, users can customize the saving directory and filename. Teachers can record instructional steps of either simple process (how to draw letters, fold papers) or complex experiments (dissection, scientific explanation) to share among peer teachers or next class.

In addition to above mentioned key features, this new software provides more to ease the use and enhance the applications: live video and audio recording, combined with Annotation tool, to record all instructional steps for reviewing and sharing; select and paste function, allowing to select a part of screen image and copy it in editing software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Paint; TWAIN driver support, making your Visualizer to be an image capture device and able to insert captured image into all software compatible with TWAIN driver; more compatible certificated OS including Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, and full range of Mac OS.  

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