AVerVision Visualizers Save Students from Heavy Backache Troubles

AVerMedia® INFORMATION, Inc. announces an on-going experiment to prevent kids from having heavy backaches and troubles in growth and development of children. This experiment, launched in September 2007 in André Boulloche High School, city of Bart, France, is based on the idea of “light schoolbag classes” to make the average weight of schoolbags dropped from 11 kilos to 5,6 kilos. Launched on the initiative of FCPE (Parents Council of Public Schools) and placed under the responsibility of CRDP (Regional Educational Development Center), this experiment will soon be duplicated to other regions in France.

The goal of this experiment is to expose the health troubles of pupils and send a warning message to the government. Survey reveals that an 11 year-old pupil regularly carries a 10-kilos schoolbag, which is over recommended weights (some researches said that a pupil must not carry more than 10% of his body weight). Such overweight can lead to heavy backaches and troubles in the growth and development of children.

To solve this trouble, AVerMedia France co-piloted an experiment in André Boulloche High School to support Interactive Visualizer AVerVision300p in the class. Ms. Madame Carrat, History-Geography teacher in this high school was the first to try in order to reduce the average weight of schoolbags. Before using AVerMedia Interactive Visualizer, Ms. Madame Carrat asked all pupils to bring their books to school, and each pupil reads their own book in the class. Thanks to this Visualizer, she is now able to display the content of the book on a big screen, so bringing books to class becomes unnecessary. Ms. Madame Carrat convinced other teachers to try the Visualizer and join the experiment. After a few weeks, the average weight of schoolbags dropped from 11 kilos to 5,6 kilos. It seems to be only the beginning, because all teachers have shown much interest in this experiment. In addition to the weight reduction, Ms. Madame Carrat also noticed that pupils become more attentive in the class because all have their eyes focusing on same message displayed on screen instead of own book with intensive messages.

“With the proven results of this experiment, the Regional Council decided to keep an eye on the idea and product launched in this school. French local TV and newspapers also spoke about this experiment.” says Dr. Lixin Dong, country manager of AVerMedia France. “We sincerely hope and believe AVerVision Visualizer is the very effective solution to solve the health trouble of young pupils.”

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