Визуализаторы AVerMedia AVerVision SPB350 и CP300 получили Golden Pin Design Mark

In addition to winning Taiwan Excellence Awards earlier this year in May, AVerMedia’s AVerVision SPB350 and CP300 have received the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark. With this mark, both Visualizer models can set their sights on the 2008 Taiwan National Design Award. The National Design Award winners will be declared in September.

The AVerVision SPB350, is an industry-first 5M pixel sensor platform visualizer with brilliant user-friendly design features, rapid auto-focus, up to 30 frames per second, single or multiple image capture functions, and software applications for PC & Mac. In addition, the SPB350’s powerful capability of magnifying objects up to 160X shows the finest details of even the smallest items. The built-in light box provides a versatile platform for all your presentation needs. An illuminated base displays images from transparencies, slides, photo film, and x-rays. These images can also be captured, stored, and redisplayed by the exceptional 5M pixel camera.

The AVerVision CP300 is a mighty neoteric teaching tool, which facilitates any teacher with engaging students in a more interactive environment. The CP300’s 3.2M pixel camera sensor, instant auto-focus, and 16X total zoom created through the combination of AVerMedia’s exclusive 2X AVerZOOMTM and 8X digital zoom with the ability to pan and deliver an instantaneously crystal-clear image with just a push of a button. These technologically advanced features of the AVerVision SPB350 and CP300 have not only rendered industry-respected awards and marks, but also set the bar for other competitors to reach.

AVerVision SPB350 Platform Visualizer:

  • 5M pixel CMOS sensor provides premium image quality
  • Advanced 160X zoom with quick Auto Focus
  • 30 frames per second allows for real-time live video
  • Supports Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) output resolution
  • Built-in light box
  • Rich add-ons: Continuous Capture, Auto Image, AVerPresenter, Picture-in-Picture, and Split Screen

    AVerVision CP300 Portable Visualizer:

  • 3.2M pixel CMOS sensor with 16X total zoom
  • Output resolution up to WXGA (1280x720)
  • High-speed 24fps provides fluent live video
  • Auto Focus and Auto Image instantly shows clear images
  • Integrated innovative shuttle wheel and LED indicator for easy of operation
  • Rich yet practical features: Split screen, Picture-in-Picture, AVerPresenter, Networking sharing, Annotations, and Live Audio & Video Recording

    Pricing and Availability

    The pricing and availability of AVerVision SPB350 Platform Visualizer will vary depending on actual locations. School officials, administrators and teachers who are interested in purchasing the AVerVision Interactive Visualizer

About AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. 

AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. (AVI) spun off from AVerMedia Technology, Inc. in January 2008, specializing in interactive vizualizers and digital video surveillance products. AVI develops and integrates various technologies creating cutting-edge electronics, optics, and automata for products that provide customers with efficient and easy-to-use solutions for business and educational presentations. Headquartered in Taipei County’s Chung-Ho City, AVerMedia has a talented first-class staff, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced facilities. AVI currently staffs over 650 employees worldwide with design engineers making up over 40% of these employees to devote attention to rapid technological changes and product applications. Our goal is to consistently be the top global manufacturer of our product categories and establish AVerMedia as a well-known global brand.
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