AVerVision CP300 был награжден 2008 Outstanding I.T. Applications Product Award

Winning the 2008 Taiwan Excellence Award and receivingthe Taiwan Good Design Product Mark was just the beginning for theAVerVision CP300. AVerMedia’s teamwork shines through theAVerVision CP300’s achievements now inclusive of the 2008Outstanding I.T. Applications Product Award. This award trulydistinguishes the AVerVision CP300 from the rest of the interactivevisualizer market, proving that the AVerVision CP300 is not onlybeautifully designed but also remarkably applicable to everydayteaching and useful for any type of presentation.

Receiving this award required each product of the twelve differentcategories to go through a rigorous three-phase judging process, makingthis award one of the highest honors within the Taiwan informationindustry. The AVerVision CP300 was chosen as one of the 23 innovativeproducts from the large pool of entries to receive this prestigiousaward, reinforcing its success in integrating cutting-edge electronics,optics, and mechanical technologies. The 2008 Outstanding I.T.Applications Product Award will be officially handed to AVerMedia andthe AVerVision CP300 on November 29, 2008.

The AVerVision CP300 is a mighty neoteric teaching tool, whichfacilitates any teacher with engaging students in a more interactiveenvironment. The CP300’s 3.2M pixel camera sensor, instantauto-focus, and 16X total zoom, which combines AVerMedia’sexclusive 2X AVerZoomTM and 8X digital zoom, offer the ability to panand instantaneously deliver crystal-clear images. These great featuresnaturally help students focus their attention on important lessondetails and even give students the ability to act as the teacher duringclass, giving them a totally new perspective on classroom learning.

“The AVerVision CP300’s multiple achievementsdemonstrate AVerMedia’s ability to create innovative,well-designed, and applicable presentation products. Although theachievements are glorious, AVerMedia places more value on the feedback,appreciation, and trust of our product users, which fuelsAVerMedia’s leading position in the interactive visualizerindustry,” said Michael Ting, sales director of AVerMediaInformation Inc.

About AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. 

AVerMediaINFORMATION, Inc. (AVI) spun off from AVerMediaTechnology, Inc. in January 2008,specializing in interactive vizualizers and digital video surveillanceproducts. AVI develops and integrates various technologies creatingcutting-edge electronics, optics, and automata for products thatprovide customers with efficient and easy-to-use solutions for businessand educational presentations. Headquartered in TaipeiCounty’s Chung-Ho City, AVerMedia has a talented first-classstaff, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced facilities. AVIcurrently staffs over 650 employees worldwide with design engineersmaking up over 40% of these employees to devote attention to rapidtechnological changes and product applications. Our goal is toconsistently be the top global manufacturer of our product categoriesand establish AVerMedia as a well-known global brand.
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