Визуализатор AVerVision CP300 получил iF Product Design Award 2009

In AVerMedia Information Inc. proudly announces thatits AVerVision CP300 has received an iF product design award 2009. For55 years, the international iF design award has been regarded as one ofthe most important design achievements worldwide.

“We see industrial design as part of product strategy and arecoordinating styling for all of our product lines. This vision in termsof visual shape, aesthetic values, and material quality supports ourintention to be the leader in teaching technology.” saidJames Chang, President, AVerMedia Information Inc. “ForAVerMedia, winning an iF product design award affirms our design andinnovation competence in the education field.”

The AVerVision CP300 interactive visualizer, targeting the educationfield, has been recognized for its compact and flexible, yet simpledesign. This affordable visualizer, crafted with a 3.2M pixel imagingsensor and shuttle wheel for easy zooming, insures instantaneousprecision and image quality when delivering presentations.

Winning the 2009 iF product design award, reverberates not only thesimplicity but usability of the AVerVision CP300. The design naturallyprovokes innovation in the classroom as teachers can apply theAVerVision CP300 to every subject. Connecting the visualizer to amicroscope to examine a tree cell, bending the gooseneck arm to showhard-to-reach parts of a car engine, and displaying the side view of afishbowl on a large screen are just some of the great things teacherscan do with the AVerVision CP300.

From a total of 2,808 entries in 16 categories originating from 39different countries, the panel of international experts awarded 802products. Products were evaluated based on criteria including designquality, innovativeness, functionality, material, ergonomics,environmental compatibility, and brand value. This iF seal of designexcellence for the AVerVision CP300 could be extended to the wholeAVerVision CP series, expressing a distinctive product and servicequality to our customers.

Information on the iF product design award 2009 for the AVerVisionCP300 is featured athttp://www.ifdesign.de/beitragsdetails_e.html?offset=147&sprache=1&award_id=162&beitrag_id=44160.

About the iF DesignAwards

Since the introduction of the iF product design award in 1953, iFdesign awards have developed into prestigious trademarks foroutstanding achievements in the field of design. iF Industrie ForumDesign e.V. is an independent association that enhances publicawareness of the importance of design, and functions as a mediatorbetween design and industry. Enterprises use the award to make theirprospects aware of the potentially decisive difference in product andservice quality expressed by this distinction.

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AVerMediaINFORMATION, Inc. (AVI) spun off from AVerMediaTechnology,Inc. in January 2008,specializing in interactive vizualizers and digital video surveillanceproducts. AVI develops and integrates various technologies creatingcutting-edge electronics, optics, and automata for products thatprovide customers with efficient and easy-to-use solutions for businessand educational presentations. Headquartered in TaipeiCounty’s Chung-Ho City, AVerMedia has a talented first-classstaff, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced facilities. AVIcurrently staffs over 650 employees worldwide with design engineersmaking up over 40% of these employees to devote attention to rapidtechnological changes and product applications. Our goal is toconsistently be the top global manufacturer of our product categoriesand establish AVerMedia as a well-known global brand.
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