AVerMedia Collaborates with Brunel University to Bring Teachers a Better Visualizer

As 2008 came closer to an end, we at AVerMedia paired up with the Brunel University of Engineering and Design on a research study analyzing the real truth behind a visualizer’s contributions to teaching and learning inclusive of higher education and to develop a better visualizer.

Teachers and students who participated in the study found a visualizer to be flexible in terms of what can be presented. They also found it very easy to instantly switch between objects they wanted to present. The ability to switch between live video mode and PC mode also impressed many. And in regard to creativity and interaction, two of the most important parts of teaching and learning, teachers and students found it quick and easy to share ideas with a visualizer and that it encouraged student-to-student learning.

“Intuitive and easy to work with. I found it assistive in connecting to my audience,” a Brunel guest speaker said. “A visualizer makes it easier to maintain students’ attention,” Brunel’s design strategy lecturer said. We also realize that there is room for improvement, and luckily the people at Brunel were willing to share their findings with us.

We were thankful for the abundant insight gained from Brunel’s research study. These valuable findings will guide our future product improvement and development processes to provide users with the most user-friendly and practical interactive visualizer.