AVerVision VP-1 Receives Golden Pin Design Mark

Form follows function. And receiving the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark reinforces the fact that the AVerVision VP-1’s versatile mechanical arm and the simple 9-button control panel make it a useful presentation tool.

The AVerVision VP-1 provides the most critical functions of a visualizer. A combined Auto Focus and auto white balance button, a freeze button, Flip/Mirror button, and PC/Cam button along with zoom in/out and Gain decrease and increase buttons are all part of the simple control panel. There’s no need to waste time fussing around with messy on-screen display menus or complicated remotes.

It also comes with a conveniently placed paper guide, which helps align documents with the camera’s shooting area to save time during presentations. The rotatable camera head along with the Flip/Mirror button also boosts versatility of this ultra-compact visualizer, giving teachers and students the opportunity to enhance live classroom activities.

“Our goal was not only to design a simple and ultra-portable entry-level visualizer, but we also wanted to reduce the learning curve of new IT technology amongst teachers. AVerVision visualizers create great classroom interaction and save teachers time. We are honored to receive this achievement and are even more dedicated to delivering valuable technology to classrooms around the world” said Michael Ting, sales director of AVerMedia Information Inc.

About AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. 

AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. (AVerMedia) spun off from AVerMedia Technology, Inc. in January 2008, specializing in interactive vizualizers and digital video surveillance products. AVerMedia develops and integrates various technologies creating cutting-edge electronics, optics, and automata for products that provide customers with efficient and easy-to-use solutions for business and educational presentations. Headquartered in Taipei County’s Chung-Ho City, AVerMedia has a talented first-class staff, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced facilities. AVerMedia currently staffs over 650 employees worldwide with design engineers making up over 40% of these employees to devote attention to rapid technological changes and product applications. Our goal is to consistently be the top global manufacturer of our product categories and establish AVerMedia as a well-known global brand.
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